January 19, 2021


Lamborghini Lunch

A luxury lunch hosted by Camarosa for the Lamborghini end of year Christmas celebrations.

The landscape

Our next Degustation event will be held on January the 21st, 2021, just as our strawberry season is winding down.

We invite you to celebrate all things strawberry with us, as we get back to our roots with a five course degustation inspired by the fields that we so love.

This will be a memorable evening with guest speakers such as our farm manager, to our directors, our executive chef and our friendly winemakers.

Come along and learn what makes Camarosa tick, enjoy our farm-to-plate service and a never-to-be-repeated menu on one night of strawberry themed decadence.

The landscape

Camarosa would love to invite you to our bi-monthly degustations.

Enjoy fresh and local produce, hand selected by our award winning executive chef, lovingly prepared and served to you with a smile.

A Degustation is an evening to remember and whether you are a first-timer or a valued regular we would love to have you join us!

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